Place Value Fishing


We played a Place Value Go Fish game. If you know go fish, you know this game. The idea is to match a number with its expanded notation. ie say a card reading 524 will make a pair with a card reading 5 hundreds 20 tens 4 ones. The one with most number of matching pairs is the winner. Use some index cards to make the card deck. We have plans to introduce many variations of the game and we will be exploring them one by one. Hope you like it.

My Very Own Design


My Train


A train from my imagination.

My Own Addition Game


Usually its mom that invents games but this time I turned the tables. I came up with a cute idea for an addition game all by myself. I laid down the rules and mom played with me Today. I named the game "My Domino Uno". The game goes like this:
Make a pretty gameboard as shown above. Use a set of dominoes and couple of play pieces. You are all set for the game.
The objective of the game is to reach the finish first. Players take a set of 5 dominoes each from the face down pile. They take turns and use up their dominoes to move spaces. The sum of the number of dots on the domino is the number of spaces you should move. For example, if your domino piece has 5 dots on top and 3 dots on bottom half, then you get to move 5+3 = 8 spaces. I added some funky rules to make it more interesting. The blank domino is the wild card (I borrowed this wild card idea from UNO and as a courtesy named the game Domino UNO) and using the wild card you can defeat the opponent and make him start all over. If you have to move more spaces than that are needed to reach the finish then you have to trace back your steps for the extra spaces - like climbing down the tree on this gameboard. It was hilarious when the opponent slips down the tree and 'go bananas'.
Let me know if you like my game.
Oh, yeah mom's 2 cents: you can use the same game to practice multplication too. Just find the product instead of the sum from the domino piece. What a 2-in-1 game!

Defeat Me - Multiplication game


We made up a new game called "Defeat me" to practice my multiplication facts. We practiced just one table. But the board is versatile for all tables.
To play the game, you need to make a gameboard something like shown above. And have some play pieces and a dice.
The rules are very simple. Each player takes turn to roll the dice. He has to shout the multiplication fact for that number and move that many spaces. If he accidently calls out the original number or got the fact wrong, he has to go back that many spaces. He can defeat a player if he lands on that player. The defeated player has to restart all over. The one who reaches finish is the winner.
I defeated mom twice (pic.1 & 2 were taken when I was defeating her) and she defeated me once. (And I cried when she defeated me.) But overall I liked the game and I cant wait to play the game for the next table. Try it you will love it.

Find Mr.X - a math game


It has been a while that mom and me engaged in active homeschooling. But Today during lunch, we played this interesting game Mom invented to refine my arithmetic understanding. I named the game "Find Mr.X". We picked up 12 lego blocks and I divided them into 2 parts 7 and 5 each. Mom will randomly take away some 'X' number of blocks from any of the group and I have to guess Mr.X. I scored all the time. Mom is as always very proud of me. Mom says, it will make me 'see' Math than simply doing it by theory.