Toy Shelf - Project


We decided to do a simple crafty project to start the holidays. I wanted to do something with construction paper and ended up making this cute little toy shelf. Later I sat out to write the materials needed at the back of the shelf. I like my teeny tiny shelf.
How I did it? Well, Take a large construction sheet and glue the ends together so they make a cylinder. Then flatten it so it makes a flat rectangle. Fold it in half again (a hamburger fold). On one half draw vertical lines at 1 inch intervals. Cut along the lines. Now make the paper into a cuboid and fold in alternate cuts so they make the shelves. Then insert square papers between the shelves to give a base for each shelf. Your beautiful toy shelf is ready for playing/display. You can decorate yours with wood pattern wrappers for wooden finish. Hope you get the idea.
Sorry, Mom forgot to take pictures step by step so the procedure may not be as clear... Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Time Telling - Game


Today in our club meet we played a time telling game. One pair has to act out the time and the other pair has to guess what time it is. Of the pair, the taller one is the minute hand and the shorter one is the hour hand. We took turns and had fun running around the clock. We practiced time to the hour with this fun activity. The 2nd picture shows me and my friend acting out the 12 O'clock.

Simple Clock Project


In our play it learn it club we did a clock project. A real clock with moving hands!
For the clock face we used a regular use and throw plate with some designs around the edge. Luckily mom chose a plate with a cute design that complimented the clock face - it has 12 grape pictures around the edge. Perfect for a clock. We then numbered the grapes with different markers. I followed a pattern. Then mom helped us clip the hands to the clock using a fastener. We then moved the hands and practiced time telling. The one that shows 4 O' clock is mine.

Practicing those moves


Today it is review time in my chess class. We used bear counters as markers to identify the possible moves of a knight. That strategy helped me visualise the moves. Amma gave me a quiz. I did well, ofcourse.

Infinity minus Infinity


We tweaked the Addition war and played subtraction war this morning while having our brunch. The variation is: Subtract the greater number from the smaller and compare the difference.
Oh, you know what, during the course of playing, we talked about infinity and how our joker can be considered as infinity. When we had a war and we both turned the joker at the same time, there came this interesting question: what is joker minus joker or as we say in our 'subtraction war world',
What is infinity minus infinity?
Mom said infinity and Dad said Zero.
We googled only to be left with more questions than answers!
Due to the lack of time to do the research & the scope of the subject, mom concluded that we will put that question in the back burner for now until I am old enough to understand the explanation. We just are going to assume that infinity minus infinity is inconclusive - could be infinity or zero or 'minus infinity'. (I dont really know what 'minus infinity' means however).

Addition War


Mom and I played war again tonight. Well not the exact war game but a slight interesting variation. Mom tweaked the rules a little bit to practice addition. I call it Addition war. Rules are as follows:
Each player deals 2 cards each and declare the sum. The hand with the greater sum wins the cards (I call them prisoners). In the event of a tie, we deal 2 more cards each and the greater sum wins the entire pile. We made it more fun by adding jokers and face cards to the deck. A joker skyrockets the sum and whoever has it captures all the prisoners. The face cards keep moving between the winners and the one who wins the cards finally gets the face card jackpot. Final winner is the one who has captured most prisoners. I captured one more prisoner than amma and I won. We will be playing the addition war Tomorrow and in the club too. I like this game.

Planet Talk


I almost forgot to brief you on our last club meeting. We played a game about planets. It is a question answer game about planets and the winner captures the planet he is on. I cant get enough of it during the club session so I dragged appa into it the same night and we played the game twice more. What I learnt? Oh many things but I forgot all of them, I guess. It was a little too beyond scope. So the facts went in space. ;) But the game was fun enough to play again.

Math war


Mom and I played a basic version of the game war, last night. We just used the regular playing cards that mom and dad set out for their rummy routine. It gave me a chance to shape up my 'greater than - lesser than' understanding. It was fun and simple - perfect for a relaxed evening to let the mind wander while you play the game as second nature.

Venn Diagram


Tonight mom and I explored Venn diagrams and the funda behind it. We compared ourselves with Appa and made a Venn diagram with 3 circles. We compared attributes like favorite subject, color, books, TV shows, hair length, mustache, food, residence etc. Later we used the Venn diagram to find our common interests and traits. I find Venn Diagrams to be superdy-dooper.