My Math Wall


We added couple of new houses (tables) to our multiplication community (our math wall) - Yes, I seem to get the hang of it. I dont know them by rote yet and Mom does not expect it either. I am getting the concept though. And thats our main focus right now. I can't wait to build the entire community.

Duck is Gone!


Usually during the arts session of our homeschool, I illustrate & narrate a story and mommy writes it down. But guess what! I did everything all by myself this time. Mommy is very proud of me. And the title of my story is.. "Duck is Gone!"

Addition/Subtraction Facts Game


Another game idea of Mom to understand/practice Addition & Subtraction facts.

Magnetix Moment


My imagination using Magnetix.

Skip Counting by 2


I did this in March 2007. Lazy Mommy took almost a year to blog it!

Another Pictionary Moment


This time the word on my turn is 'Shopping cart'. Spelling mistake again...I will get it ..some day.. :)

Place Value & Money Game


Mom invented a new game to help me understand place values and money.
As always, I won the game. Also I enforced my place value concepts - the Ones and Tens. We will play the level 2 of this game with Hundreds place when I master this level. Oh yeah and we introduced a rule to double the reward at one point, so I practiced my addition (and a bit of multiplication too).

Place Value & Money Game

Author: Thenu Tamil, A homeschooling mom

Objective: To earn the 'One Dollar Bill' and reach the 'Winner' Spot first.


  • Atleast 2 sets of Number Tiles from 1 to 9 (Can substitute Flash cards, Playing cards, magnetic numbers etc) U can include some Jokers/wild cards too to add more fun.
  • A Game board with a start and finish space marked. Add few spins like go ahead 2 spaces, lose a turn, go back 1 space etc to spice it up.
  • A tray of coins (pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters)
  • A Dollar bill
  • A Decimal system illustration with ones, tens, hundreds marked
  • 2 or more playing pieces


  • The eldest start first
  • From the pile of numbers (face down), draw 2 tiles.
  • Try to make the Highest possible number using the Decimal board.
  • If the number is the highest possible, then player moves his playing piece the number of spaces as shown in the 'ones' place.
  • IMPORTANT: Player has to read the number and say how many ones and tens and hundreds in that number to proceed. say the number is 65, he has to say "Number is Sixty Five. It has 6 tens and 5 ones)
  • And he collects that many pennies from the bank
  • He then tries to convert the pennies to nickels or nickels to dimes or to quarters etc
  • If he makes a mistake in forming the number, he has to move back a space.
  • The next player continues.
  • Whoever gets to the finish point with the dollar bill is the winner.
  • If he reaches the winner spot but hasnt earned the dollar bill yet, he has to go back to the start but for every space ahead from his next turn, he gets twice the pennies as the ones in the number he forms. For example if he makes 65, then he gets 10 pennies ( 65 has 5 ones. so two times 5 = 10 pennies)
  • When player lands on any special space with instructions, he simply follows the instruction.

Goals of the Game:

  • To teach/practice place value concepts.
  • To teach/practice money value like 5 cents = 1 nickel, 2 nickels = 1 dime, 4 quarters = 1 Dollar etc
  • To teach/practice the addition/multiplication facts: 2*2, 3*2, 4*2, 5*2 etc

One book a day..


When reading the 'old school way' is less interesting, spice it up a little. ;-)

Word Scramble


Yes..U know the rules. The letters in the words will be scrambled and you have to find the right word. We played the same game. Except with a little twist. I scrambled the words, Mom & Dad tried to unscramble. Mom scored the best.