Club Meet: Equation Safari


Math Equation Safari - Oh yeah, that was our game plan for the club meet Today. that and Sudoku.
We took turns and built math equations using number tiles. We used addition, subtraction, multiplication operators. Mom said we can use the brackets when we master the basics. We made cool equations like 8 + 8 = 8 x 2 and silly equations like 11 = 11. We kept a score of our points on each turn to keep us motivated. Mom wants me to describe the game in one word and I say, "Wonderful!"

Club Meet: Sudoku


After a long time, we played Sudoku. Surprisingly I remembered the rules only this time with good understanding. We solved one easy puzzle and it was already time to wrap up the club meet. And now I am off to my outdoor play and 'scooter my scooter'. See ya!