The Colorful Peacock


My Very Own Peacock Story Book: I traced my hand, then drew legs and beak for a peacock & colored it. Then as I narrate a story, mom wrote it down. I named my story "The Colorful Peacock".
I decorated my peacock with googly eye and pom poms. Isn't it beautiful?!

My Pop Math!


We played a Math Game Today. I call it 'My Pop Math'. Mom will draw Balloons and Bubbles with Math equations inside. If I solve the equation, I get to pop the Balloon/Bubble and Mom will make the special sound effects as I pop. My balloons will sound 'POP' and Bubbles 'BOING' ..and the hanging equations go 'BURT'.

My Stretchy Cat


This is a funny project. I call it stretchy cat. Draw 1 part of the cat in one paper and the rest in another paper. Glue the cat's head on the outside of a matchbox. Glue the next part to the back of the drawer of the matchbox. Now draw the matchbox drawer in and out and watch your cat stretch! I loved it.