Turtle Treasures - Math Game


Mommy moved her focus to Math again. She came up with a new game to help me think in terms of 10 & 5. She believes it will be a foundation to add/subtract easily.

I cannot reap the benefits right away. But Mom is sure it will help me to calculate faster. Lets see. ;-)

Our Earth is a .. Magnet!


My personal choice of gift for this birthday - A magnet set to compliment my science experiments on Magnetism. I got a jumbo Horse Shoe magnet, 3 bar magnets, 2 magnet wands, a lodestone, a compass and a can of iron fillings to experiment with. And another magnet set that has few experiments with more magnet marbles, iron chips, disc magnets and a math facts key chain. It is very thrilling. And do you know, our earth is actually a giant magnet?!