The Colorful Peacock


My Very Own Peacock Story Book: I traced my hand, then drew legs and beak for a peacock & colored it. Then as I narrate a story, mom wrote it down. I named my story "The Colorful Peacock".
I decorated my peacock with googly eye and pom poms. Isn't it beautiful?!

My Pop Math!


We played a Math Game Today. I call it 'My Pop Math'. Mom will draw Balloons and Bubbles with Math equations inside. If I solve the equation, I get to pop the Balloon/Bubble and Mom will make the special sound effects as I pop. My balloons will sound 'POP' and Bubbles 'BOING' ..and the hanging equations go 'BURT'.

My Stretchy Cat


This is a funny project. I call it stretchy cat. Draw 1 part of the cat in one paper and the rest in another paper. Glue the cat's head on the outside of a matchbox. Glue the next part to the back of the drawer of the matchbox. Now draw the matchbox drawer in and out and watch your cat stretch! I loved it.

A Pictionary Moment


I played Pictionary during my playdate. Word on my turn was 'Mirror'. Did you guess it? Mom loved it. I also learnt that it is spelled as M-I-R-R-O-R. Atleast mom hopes so.

Indian Culture - My First Poster Project


I did a poster on Indian Culture.

I am a KinderGartner now


Long gone are my exclusively homeschooled days..Yes, I am a kindergartner now. I miss my homeschool though. So Mom and I plan to have some homeschool activities on a regular basis. But Mom is not finding enough time.Hopefully we balance our schedule next year..

On the Lighter side


Wonder what this has to do with 'homeschooling'?!Well, mom encouraged me to 'apply' one of my prekindergarten skill:"Sorting".A pile for shirts, a pile for pants and so on.. Note from Mom: "SHH...No seriously...Thats what (one of) my intention was. ;-)"

Nov 19, 2004
My Animal Parade

My Food Pyramid & Money Game


We combined healthy diet with Money learning. For every food group I consume in a day, I get to pocket a penny/nickel/dime/ quarter per serving as specified in the pockets. We made little pockets out of transparent album sheets and stick it to the wall and put matching color sheets to go with the food group in the chart. Nice incentive to consume food in all groups and cool way to learn money. This is my food (piggy) bank - I can use the money I earn towards things of my choice. :-)
Read Mom's game extensions here using this chart.

Game on Vowel Sounds


Review time for my Long & Short Vowel sounds. Click to Enlarge.

Feb 25, 2006
Simple Addition....Learning to spell

Feb 25, 2006
My Frog Palace & More

My Space Science - Lapbook


We did a 6 folder wide Lapbook about planets and space. We did this in 2004. This I think is my first Lapbook ever. I colored all the planets and helped mom glue them on.

My Space Science Lapbook - Closeup


OOPS..I need to take away Pluto - You know Pluto is no more considered a planet. :-) I listened to the news oneday.

My Sea Animals Lapbook


We went to the Aquarium and I sat down with mom to make this Lapbook about sea animals. I colored and glued the fishes on the front. We made mini Tab Books listing the animal and its primary food. We also made a pizza book to go with this lapbook.

My Sea Animals - Pizza Books


We made Pizza Type Books to sort sea animals with tentacles, gills. I glued the pictures on.

My Story - No Glue!


This was my own story that I narrated (in Jan 2006) and Mom wrote it down. We made illustrations using scrapebook papers and glued them on. It is a story about a duck that runs into a problem with the glue..You can click on any picture to see them big & clear.

Celebrity Chutes & Ladders - Custom made


Click to enlarge. I made this Chutes and Ladder Board game with Mom's help. We did this in 2004..But yet to laminate it.

My Time Lapbook


We learnt Time telling and Mom ended the session with a lapbook activity. This is the front of my Time Lapbook. I wrote the numbers on the clock face. :-)

My Time Lapbook - Inside


On the Left side we put a match box fold books showing the minutes/seconds in 15 unit increments. Right side is a layer book and flap book. center is a drawing of mine about the clock.

My Time Lapbook - Center


I traced a circle and drew the clock and clock hands. Mom marked the secnds and we both marked the parts of the clock.

My Time Lapbook - Left Side


We made 4 match box folds and I colored the elapsed time for 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes in the clock.

My Time Lapbook - Right side


On the Right hand side we put a Layer Book and a simple flap.

My Time Lapbook - Right side


This is the right hand side of the Lapbook.
We made a Layer book contributing a layer for second/minute/hour/day/week/month/year each.
I wrote some corresponding facts on the inside of each layer.
The bottom right is a look up book with clock faces showing time
to the hour and half hour. A practice book to review the concepts.

My Alphabet Lapbook


I made this Alphabet Lapbook when I was learning my letter sounds. Ofcourse my mom helped me with the lapbook.
This is the shutter fold type lapbook made out of an ordinary file folder.

My Alphabet Lapbook - Left Side


These are few of the Accordian mini books from the lapbook.
A handy way to review my beginning sounds..Click to enlarge.

My Alphabet Lapbook - Inside


For each alphabet I made an Accordian style mini book and glued them on the inside folders in the alphabetical order.

My Alphabet Lapbook - Back Side


We made a little pocket so I can keep my flashcards and any card games to complement my phonics learning.