Graminos - Nouns & Pronouns


I revised Nouns and revisited Pronouns. I encountered a word that can be a Noun as well as a Verb..Can you find that out from the picture? And I earned more money for my next toy at the end of the game. Mom offered bonus points if I could tell the missing pronouns and I came up with a couple more like him, her.. Mom plans to make a complete list of pronouns as our current word pool does not cover all.

Graminos - Flavor: Pronouns


I liked our newly invented Graminos game and Today we tweaked the rules and came up with a version for Pronouns. Like our Food Pyramid game, this Graminos is also very extensible to cover many elements in Grammar. We plan to play all possible versions of Graminos in the next few days - ie until I get bored with the game.

By the way, I like to nickname Pronouns as "Professional Nouns" - don't ask me the reason..I just felt like it.

My trip to the Tech Museum


I went to the local Tech Museum Yesterday. I went to the IMAX theater and watched "Forces of Nature". I also made a souvenier coin.I even designed a bike. I experienced the Turkey earthquake simulation. I programmed a microchip for Mr.Potato Head!

I liked going to the Tech Museum. Going to the Tech Museum is one of the best ways to spend your summer weekend.

And FYI: The above paragraph was written all by myself and Mom just blogged it on my behalf. U know instead of scanning my journal on this trip, she decided to type it down in my own words though.. That said, include your local Tech Museums, if any, to your places of interest. It is worth your time.



My summer is going awesome with weekend day trips to theme parks & beaches and all day play with friends in the neighborhood, pool parties and so on..
We stayed in an Ocean Front vacation home in Mendocino, located north of CA for the long weekend. It had been a while we even talked about our game school.
After enough refreshment, we are slowly being drawn to our 'Play it! Learn It! club.
We are thinking of reinstating our game spirit. :) Let us see..
Last night, I asked Mom to come up with a learning game using Dominos. She discussed a game idea with me and got my approval. I call it 'Graminos'. Can you guess the game from the name? We will be playing it Today. Stay Tuned..