A trip to the Aquarium


After over 2 years, I visited the Aquarium again. Last time I went, we ended up making this lapbook on sea animals. This year, mommy suggests a journal on the trip..Not a bad idea. Shall update my journal in a shortwhile. My favorite part of the trip was playing various games there like helping the sea horses camouflage by changing their size, color and texture. And ofcourse the follow up dinner at my home with my friend Varun and all Aunties/Uncles.

Got my Bakugans!


Yesterday Mom and Dad took me to ToysRus to honor my game dollars. Yes, I bought 3 Bakugan Balls with Gate cards and ability cards - one from each planet Haos, Darkus, SubTeraa. I will be collecting 3 more Bakugan balls from the rest of the 3 planets when I earn some more Homeschool Gameschool dollars.

Sentence Sorting - Grammar Game


Mom cooked up a game to identify the 4 types of sentences. We cut out strips of sentences from old books and magazines. I assigned values to each type of sentence. For instance, an imperative sentence is worth 25cents, an exclamatory is 10cents, an interrogative is 5cents and the declarative is worth 1cent. I then drew each sentence strip from the pile and identified the type. If identified correctly, I get the assigned money. At the end of the game, I earned a total of $4.59 which I will be using to buy my favorite Bakugan Toy. Ofcourse mom will pitch in $10 more for the toy and also I have about $5 left in my Food Pyramid Game Locker.
This game introduced me to the sentence types all the while reinforcing my reading skill as I have to read out the sentences. And since mom had not sorted the coins, I had to pick the right coin from the coin tray for each sentence type - there I goes my money skills. And at the end of the game, I counted the money I made through this fun activity and oh yeah, that was money math! Above all, I earned my toy..there goes the lesson on life and practicality:You got to earn your bread!
Wonder how many declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative sentences are in this post?! Play this game and think through it.

Triominos Treat


We played Triominos - the adult version Today. Mom made us to calculate the score on each turn and so that was like a little addition practice in disguise. The game was fun too. By the way, I am in my 'Batman' costume. Love the cape, huh?!

Food for your Brain


Mom asked me some puzzles/riddles as part of the summer fun. Let me relay them to you. Try to solve them. Oh, yeah! I did solve them, ofcourse with some clues. I shall post the answers in a separate post in couple of days, so you won't get tempted to peek at the answers. Here you go:

1. There were 26 crows on a fence. A hunter shot 8 of the birds with a single bullet. How many crows would be left on the fence?

2. There were an elephant and an ant. They were very good friends. But they both had a bad habit of lying. The elephant would lie only on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. The ant would lie only on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday. The rest of the days they speak only the truth.
Oneday, the elephant told the ant, "I lied Yesterday!" The ant immediately said, "I too!"
Which day did this conversation happen?

3. A boy has 2 US coins of which one is NOT a nickel. The sum of the coins is 30cents. Can you find what are those 2 coins?

4. A Tiger, an elephant and an ant were standing in a queue (in the same order) to get their hot lunch in their school cafeteria. The tiger looked back and said, "There are 2 more animals standing behind me". The elephant looked back and said, " There is one animal behind me". The ant looked back and said, "There is one animal behind me". Can you explain how that is possible?

5. A boy was challenged by his friends to stay inside a room for exactly 30 mins. He was given a stick and a match box. The stick will take 1 hr to completely burn. The boy has to come out exactly after 30 mins. He doesn't have a watch/clock to know when it is time to come out. All he has is the stick and a match box to light it. How will he know when to come out?

Mom could only recall these puzzles from her childhood. :-) Hope you have fun solving them as a summer treat.

The Art of Caricature


Mr.Max, an artist drew my caricature in a matter of minutes! It is a fun experience posing.
A funny me racing in a funny car, 'thumbs up'-ing.
Learn more about the art of caricature here.

Balloon Art


Hold that thought..I didn't do it.. Mr.Yaski, a Balloon Artist made this for me. Can you guess what it is? It is a Bike. Kudos to those who guessed it right.

A prelude to the Summer


A casual playdate spiced up with time and turned into a prelude to the approaching 2009 Summer Break! The backyard basketball game is not all..we are now dancing to Dhoom 2 title song..Mom may slideshow them too..
(And all this gala happened after I was excused from school this morning.. Apparently the teacher thought I was not feeling well! ;-) No Sir! It was just some pollen allergy. A good face wash & a sound nap was all it took to rejuvenate me)
Update: She did it..She slideshowed us dancing to the DHOOM.. So go.. walk out the door.. get down, get on the floor. let's shout! break out! come on once again let's hear it.. DHOOM MACHAALE!!!!!!!