Grammar Turtle - A gift from Mom


My Valentines Day request to Mom was to make a new game for me. And she did. Since off late it had been only Math at homeschool, Mom switched gears to English this time.
We played this 'Grammar Turtle' game.

Mom has plans to add few variations in future. We used some word tiles at home for the word pool & 2 fish toys as playing pieces & as always a pretty picture as gameboard.



We talked about Fractions Today. Mom is yet to come up with a game idea for this topic. So stay tuned (like me). For now we are using day-to-day Sandwiches and Oranges for a feel.

Place Value Dinosaur Game


Today we enforced my understanding about place value concepts. Ofcourse with a new game. What fun is homeschooling without games! Needless to say, I won the game. Mom mix & matched some game pieces, then came up with game rules and we ended up with this 'Place value Dinosaur ' Game.
I told Mom this is the best game ever I played in our homeschool.

Count Money & Interpret Graphs


Counting Money and Interpretting Graphs are interesting now - Thanks to my Food Pyramid & Money Game. Mom thinks this project grows with me. See what she says about this Multifacet project here.

100th Day of School - Project



I did this 100 piece wood project for my 100th day of school. I assembled the following 3 dinasaurs with mom's help: Stegasaurus (40 pieces), Parasuralaphus (35 pieces) and Tyranasaurus (25 pieces). The total number of pieces comes to 100. I also made a design out of 100 rubber bands.