"Play it..Learn it" club


Mom started a learning club - we named it "Play it, Learn it". The members get to play educational games once a week. We meet at my home. Yesterday a group of us played "Turtle Treasures" - a math game and "Sentence Racing" - a new word game.



Mom and I played card games like Memory Match, Go Fish, Crazy Eight, Yesterday. And I recorded our scores in a chart. We also played Rummy - well mom made the rules really simple so I get the hang of it. Card Games and Charting made the day very interesting in spite of my fever. Dad also joined us for some sessions and we ended the day with CoCo Crazy - another boardgame. I won!
Mom is yet to scan my charts for upload.

Kumon Awards Ceremony


Today was the 2008 Kumon Annual Awards Ceremony. And I received Advanced Student Honor Roll Awards for both Math & Reading from the Former Mayor of Cupertino, Kris Wang. Trophies as award is not all..for my parents bought me a remote control truck as a reward. Can this day be any better!