Kung Fu - My Stage Performance


Today is the 5th annual ceremony in our Kung Fu center. I was one of the students who performed on stage. The one with the white belt in the first 2 pictures is me. It was a nice experience to go on stage. Our masters then gave extraordinary performances. Lastly there was this amazing "Lion Dance" - we all enjoyed thoroughly. And guess what, next class i will be getting my next belt which is Yellow. Yahoo!

Chart Practice


These days it has become a routine at home for all 3 of us to play some card games as a family before going to bed. If amma and appa play rummy or if we all play crazy eights or 'go fish' I am the one who keeps the scores and I do the chart too. That reinforces my understanding of charts. And I do this out of passion myself - mom never prompted me to do so. :)
Well, for Today's game session, I won 5 games out of 6 in Crazy eights. That is I pocketed 5/6th of the games - hey there come my fractions!

Fractions again


We (Appa, Amma and I) were talking casually this morning and out of nowhere we found ourselves talking about fractions! Then slowly one thing led to another and looks like I learnt a little about comparing fractions. Kudos to Appa (dad), as he is the one who made it a point to put it down on paper. The work was little messy so we decided to do a fair copy and scan for upload. We now have plans to do a lapbook on fractions in the near future. Amma said she would allocate some exclusive time for me to do advanced topics apart from our regular club meets. YAY!

Turkey Time


Our Thanksgiving day project at school is to decorate a turkey picture and mount it on a chart. I used painted wooden spoons and feathers and shiny pipe cleaners and ofcourse crayons to dress up my turkey. I call him "The Clowt". Stop rushing to your dictionary, you won't find it. Now for the meaning.. He looks like a clown and he is a Turkey. So why not call him the "Clownt". Get it?!

Money Matters


Today in our club, we did a lapbook on Money. It will be a nice reference once completed. As my fellow clubmates are learning money for the first time, it is mostly revision for me. But I like it. Mom is going to add extra elements to my lapbook to match my level.
First we made a shutter fold out of an ordinary file folder.
Then we made 4 accordian books. Each book will have 3 flaps/tabs. On the first tab we pasted the coins (2 for each type - showing head and tail).
On the next tab, we wrote the name of the coin. On the 3rd tab we wrote the value of the coin.
We put a 1 dollar bill in a ziploc and stapled it in such a way that we can flip over the bag to see the other side of the bill.
My fellow clubmates pasted 4 more mini books on the left and right inner folds. Each book will give out clues of a coin on the cover and the answer is written inside the book.
For example:
* for a Penny, the question will be: I am copper and brown..Who am I?
* Nickel: I am thick and fat. Who am I?
* Dime: I am little and thin. Who am I?
* Quarter: I am big and bold. Who am I?
I will be adding these and couple more extra elements to my lapbook to match my level. I have to decorate the front cover. And may be add a money game somewhere in the book. Can't wait for the next session of "Play it! Learn it!" club.

Halloween Parade 2008


That's me as the Ninja Turtle, Raphael. And there goes my Kung Fu Step.

Chess Lessons


Mom is giving me Chess lessons at home. I cant wait for the next session. She is not letting me play until I learn a bit more. Waiting is the hard part here. :)

Self Project for Tally marks


Yesterday, I ended up doing a self project that helped me practice tally marks. Just like that I was drawing horizontal lines using a new ruler that I bought. Then I drew some vertical lines and a grid was formed. That gave me an idea to fill the squares with numbers. I then thought why not represent each number as tally marks. When I was done, it was a 5 by 6 grid with numbers and tally marks from 1 to 30. I can really see a pattern emerging..Mom and I discussed how the ones place in each column has a pattern and counting by 5's etc. We are yet to scan the page. Mom was amused by the fact that this whole project was my very own idea..

Money Game


Today in our club we played a simple money game. The rules are pretty darn simple. Each player gets a gameboard of his own. He has to decorate the game spaces with a coin of his choice - a Penny or Nickel or Dime or Quarter from a pile of coins. Mom also made it a point that we got to say the value of the coin each time we place it on the board. Here are our pretty boards all decorated with coins - a gold fish with pennies on the scales, a silver fish with dimes on the scales and a nickel/quarter path.