Addition War

Mom and I played war again tonight. Well not the exact war game but a slight interesting variation. Mom tweaked the rules a little bit to practice addition. I call it Addition war. Rules are as follows:
Each player deals 2 cards each and declare the sum. The hand with the greater sum wins the cards (I call them prisoners). In the event of a tie, we deal 2 more cards each and the greater sum wins the entire pile. We made it more fun by adding jokers and face cards to the deck. A joker skyrockets the sum and whoever has it captures all the prisoners. The face cards keep moving between the winners and the one who wins the cards finally gets the face card jackpot. Final winner is the one who has captured most prisoners. I captured one more prisoner than amma and I won. We will be playing the addition war Tomorrow and in the club too. I like this game.


  1. Good game Karthik..especially capturing the prisoners part would make the game more interesting.

  2. Oh, You bet!
    We are going to play the same game tonight during our "Play it, learn it" session with my friends.