Multiplication War

Mom and I played Multiplication war after a very long time.. say years!
It was an exciting game and was very fun reliving our old school (homeschool) days.
We were thrilled to discover that our passion for homeschooling is still thriving in some corner of the hearts.
huh.. mom is feeling nostalgic!
Well well.. do I even have to say that I won the game?! We played for an hour and mom lost all - I repeat.. ALL of her cards to me and we declared that I won. Waiting to play the game with dad sometime sooner. ROFL!
He is sure to see me as a winner again.
Now for the rules of the game:
All you need is a deck of multiplication facts flash cards. You may even make your own.
  • You can play this with any number of players. (even you can make it a single player game)
  • Deal out equal number of cards to each player
  • Players take turns to draw a card from their stack. When they drop the card to the center pile, they have to say the product/answer for the fact in that card. For example, if player 1 draws out a card with Q: 5X1, he has to say 5 and drop the card in the center.
  • Next player does the same to his top card in the stack.
  • Player with the greatest number/product wins all the cards in the center.
  • Game goes on till you anyone runs out of cards or the game runs out of time.
We introduced new rules like if you say the wrong answer, the opponent gets the cards, or if you miss to identify that your answer is greater than the previous one, then you miss out on a chance to grab the cards, and to practice speed, we even made another rule like whoever shouts the answer first can grab the cards if the answer is greater than the previous one..
We enjoyed the game as the challenges increased.
Have fun playing the game and practice your facts the fun way!

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