Letter Race - Dictionary Skills Game

Looking up words in a dictionary is an interesting task. You may consider yourself as a detective searching for clues to find wherein that dictionary is that mystery word. The alphabetical order is the sole and sufficient clue. Mom cooked up a game to improvise my dictionary look up skill.
We used the 'Smart Mouth' Letter Getter and Alphabet tiles for this game which I call "Letter Race". The rule is pretty simple: Slide the getter and look at the 2 letters. Shout out the letter that comes first in the alphabetical order. Say, you get 'R' and 'M', the first one to call out 'M' gets a point (or collects the 2 tiles). The one with many points (or many tiles) at the end of the game is the winner. Another variation for a one player game is to recite the alphabets in the order starting from the first tile..say you get 'R' and 'M', player has to quickly say 'R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z'. This will be a practice to be able to say the alphabets from the middle - Some can say alphabets only from the beginning everytime starting from 'A'..this variation will be a good practice for them. Hope you enjoy playing this simple game and love your dictionary time.

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