Binoculars with built in Camera - Paper Roll Craft

Offlate I am drawn towards binoculars and can't wait to get a working one for myself. Couple of weeks back I saw a real one in a store but it did not appeal to Appa so he promised me to get a different one pretty soon. But then it occured to me - why wait when I can make my own?  I asked Amma to save 2 of the toilet paper rolls which she normally trashes.
Once I got them, I quickly put a rubber band to hold them together and there it pretend Binoculars! Then I saw the small flash light that I got as a goody bag gift from my friend Bastle's birthday Yesterday..I just put that between the 2 paper rolls so that the flash light's switch is on top - oh yeah..there it is.. my very own Binoculars with 'built in camera'!
Amma (mom) got carried away and she was head over heels to get the camera (the real one) to shot a picture. :-)
I am happy to share my simple easy cool project idea that you could do all by yourself. I am sure you will like it - I know my friend Muaaz liked it so much that he did one for himself!

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