Addition War

It is bedtime but the deck of cards that mom & dad had dispersed on the floor after a hand of RUMMY lured me. I played Addition War with mom. Ofcourse I won - do you even have to ask?!


  1. Dear Kartick

    Good eve friend :)

    This is Thulasi from San Diego.

    I am sorry, am not from Sacramento and could not fulfill your desire of someone from capital of a state :)

    Loved your blogs, admired at your talents and savoured your mom's paintings.
    Wish to meet you one day, dear.
    Take care.
    May God bless you ever :)

  2. Hi Cute Ponnu,
    Nijammavae cute userid. Thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging Karthik with your warm heartfelt wishes. Take care and best wishes to you too.
    Karthik's Mom